Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Prison ministry

To all Chapter Presidents and Ladies of CMA,
It is once again invitation time for Washington Corrections Center for Women (Gig Harbor, Wash) ride-in prison visit.  We are sending this notice to our State Coordinators and State Area Reps who will in turn forward it to the Chapter Presidents.  When you get it, please send it in its entirety to all your chapter membership so everyone will have an equal opportunity to respond in a timely manner.   Those interested members will contact Jim McMurray, the Contact Person for this visit, directly at:   jim.mcmurray.jr@gmail.com or 360-471-0568  
The visit will be Saturday, July 26th, 2014.  This is an opportunity to minister to the spiritual needs of those women incarcerated in the prison.   We will have a ride-in bike show, one-on-one time with the offenders, Christian music, and a (CMA) guest speaker planned.  Although this is a co-ed ride-in, the Purdy event gives the Ladies of CMA a special time of outreach. This will be a mid-day event. Jim will need the member’s name and a minimal amount of personal information.  As soon as he has their name, he will send them all the information necessary for the visit. Jim will then turn in all the names and information to the prison no later than June 26th! to give the prison time to complete background checks.  Therefore, it is important that the members send their names to Jim McMurray ASAP.  There will be more information coming to those who respond to the invitation as we get closer to the event.
If you have never experienced a prison visit, please pray about it and if you feel led by the Spirit, make a commitment to be part of this visit.
His clay, Janet Petry & Because of His GrEace, Murrel Petry, Co-Directors, CMA Prison Ministries (Wash. State)      509-627-9038

Do You Hear the Lord calling you??
It is my earthly pleasure and spiritual responsibility as Director, CMA Prison Ministries (Wash State) to once again announce our yearly ride-in prison visits.  These have been annual CMA sponsored events for many years and looked forward to by the offenders housed there, the Volunteers that enter the Institutes, as well as the prison staff and department heads at the prisons. There are many, many people along the way who are helping prepare the way for Jesus to enter those empty, aching hearts thru regular weekly visits to the prisons.  Some realize their spiritual calling consists of praying for those weekly and annual visits to culminate in another name written in the Lamb’s Book of Life.  And what about those offenders who know first-hand what it feels like to have a CMA member help lead them to the Lord?  And those who have turned their lives around and are ministering to their own incarcerated sisters in a positive, life-changing experience that makes their own confinement easier to do as well as the job of the staff easier and safer?  Who is left that can sit idly and say, “My opinions or solitary actions couldn’t possibly make a difference in someone’s life???  Please listen to your heart and if you hear that voice calling out to you to “step up” and give Prison ministry a try, let this be the year you become a different type of  “cure” for what those inmates need.  Be part of that Divine instrument that helps fill up an empty heart.  Prison ministry is not for everyone, but if this is the year that God has spoken to you, contact Jim McMurray at  jim.mcmurray.jr@gmail.com

Richard Lange