Tuesday, January 7, 2014

2014 Seattle Progressive International Motorcycle Show . . . February 14-16, 2014

Happy New Year CMA'ers of Washington!  Hope you had a relaxing time with family and friends over Christmas and New Year's!
As of Sunday, 1/5, we still have 31 time slots to fill in CMA Booth and 37 time slots to fill in Card Redemption.  These are short 90-minute or 120-minute commitments!  Those who have longer rides may want to consider committing to consecutive time slots to make it worth the trip.  Send your three time preferences to me as soon as possible, and whether you are willing to work multiple or consecutive time slots.  Text me at 425-508-8808 or send email to lhb@frontier.com .
15-BOOTH-9:30                   [YOUR 1ST, 2ND, and 3RD PREFERENCE]
You may invite a guest to work with you on your shift; however, the guest must be known to and approved by State Leadership in order to work in the CMA Booth.

Richard Lange