Friday, December 6, 2013

Shriners Toy Run

Quick reminder that the Shriners Toy Run is Saturday 12/7. Meet Dave Wilson at Boppin Bo's 8:15 to head out to his friends house for donuts & coffee like previous years and then go to Toy Run from there.. KSU 8:30. Good place to do some Bike Blessings :)

Officers for 2014
Pres. Carl 
VP. Doug M
Sec. Debbie M
Treas. Michelle Lange
Chaplain: Pastor Jim Moreton
Assist. Chaplain Cliff N
Road Captain : Danny P
Assist Road Cap. Dave Wilson
Prayer Team Madlyn P. & Sheila
Webmaster Richard Lange
RFS Sec. Lori Nutting

Love & Blessing s
Carl & Sheila