Thursday, November 21, 2013

Fwd: JCTRA Work Party, Saturday Nov. 23rd, SUN EXPECTED!

The weather report looks good for this weekends monthly JCTRA work party! Chilly but dry and sunny!

The work party is scheduled for Saturday, November 23rd. Meet at the Jones Creek Staging Area at 9:00. Please bring work gloves and come dressed for the weather.

Several of us like to meet at the Shari's in Orchards to have breakfast before the work party. It's best to be there at about 7:00 AM in order to order and eat and then make it up the staging area on time. All are invited!

The trails close for all wheeled vehicles (including bicycles) for the DNR implemented Winter closure November 30th and will re-open on Thursday, May 1st, 2014. It is legal to ride OHV's on all open DNR gravel roads during the Winter closure. "Open" means not gated or otherwise blocked. Please respect the closure in order to maintain your ability to ride these trails for years to come.

JCTRA will continue to have monthly work parties during the Winter closure however we will NOT be having a trail work party in December or January as we will be preparing for our annual JCTRA Hangover Scrambles to be held on January 1st at Washougal MXP.

This work party is open to the public and will qualify as volunteer hours toward a free Discovery Pass. Temporary Discovery Passes will be available for all volunteers as needed.