Tuesday, April 30, 2013

CMA "Run for Son" & BBQ

Hi all, 
Reminder about Saturdays "Run For The Son" Ride & BBQ. The Quad group will be going to Sandlake,. Motorcycle will be going also. If you want to go on Thursday and camp, contact Danny Pietilla 360 771-4626 or email papapie@msn.com. If you want to go Saturday for a day trip on bikes, cars etc. be at Doug's house Saturday @ 9:30AM or @ North Plains McDonald's @ 10:00. Off Hwy 26.
Lots of fun, fellowship, Quad riding & BBQ. 
Also Lori needs a count of any money collected. I am adding her email to this one.


Could you send out an email asking if anyone has any other money that they have collected?  I need the amounts by Friday morning.  They can email me or they can call.  Home is 360-837-3110, but I am leaving Friday late morning for Long Beach.  The cell is 360-487-9727 for the rest of the weekend.

Also, what is the name of our reps and do you have a telephone number for themP  I am assuming that they want to be called with a total like in past years.  I will also call National with the amount on Saturday morning.  After I return I will get started on the paperwork and collecting any monies.  Thanks.


We hope you will try to come down and spend the day or weekend with us :)

Love & Blessings
Carl & Sheila

Richard Lange