Thursday, November 15, 2012

Fwd: CMA Reminders

Hi All'
Reminders for up coming events.
This Saturday 11/17 CMA regular meeting @ Boppin Bo's, 8:30 breakfast, 9:00 meeting. They are allowing us to order burgers now so if you don't like the breakfast the burgers & fries are good. Also we will be voting for Officers this month.There are rules about who can vote, and who can hold an office.. I think you have to be a CMA member and have been at the meetings 3 out of the last six. I may be wrong about this but you will find out for sure at the meeting.

More info @ meeting about Salvation Army Bell Ringing.
True Apostles "Salvation Army Toy Run"
ABATE Shriners Toy Run.

If anyone would like to offer their home or have an idea where we could have our Christmas Party, bring it to the meeting.

Monday prayer meeting 6:45 PM @ Crosspoint Baptist Church.

Come to the meeting for more info. Also on the website @

Don't forget donations for our "Run for the Son" drawing. Also if you have any donations for Open House Ministries, Homeless family shelter, you can bring them to the meeting.

See you Saturday
Love & Blessings
Carl & Sheila