Friday, July 27, 2012

CMA FYI. Christian Biker Ride

Hi All,
Just want to remind those of you who know and let the rest of you know about the Ride Saturday:

July 28th Portland/Vancouver, Christian Biker ride & fellowship. All bikes are welcome.
136 mile Scenic Ride. Begins at Ihop @ 2900 SE 164th (off Hwy 14) Vancouver.
NE through Carson, north toward Swift Resevoir, SW through Amboy to Rocky's Pizza in Battleground. Kick Stands Up at 12:00/noon (Come early to eat.)
Fellowship at Rocky's Pizza from 5:00-8:00. If you can't go on the ride, you can drop in and visit @ Rocky's.
We may not go on the whole ride but don't know for sure.

Next is the Grand National Flat Track Races @ Castle Rock Aug 3-4.
We need all the help we can get for selling tickets for parking and directing cars in the parking lot. Also for our booth through out the event. You must be a CMA patch wearer and wearing your patch to get in. Some of us will be going up Thursday night and set up our camps and the booth.
You will need to work at least 4 hours to get in free and maybe help at the booth for an hour or 2. We will need 20 to 30 people through out the 2 days. Let me know when you can be there and I will add you to the list. We need a few more people for Friday night parking, 2:00-8:00 PM. Saturday we still have several spots open. 10:00AM-7:00PM

Next is Biker Sunday at Amboy Nazarene & Ride for Options 360. Church service @ 11:00AM, BBQ @ 12:00, Ride @ 2:00. Bring Newborn clothes, toys $ etc. We will be helping with the ride, doing Bike Blessings and setting up a small CMA table. We will meet @ the Safeway in Battleground @ 9:30AM KSU 9:45. Please try to come to this. It is a very busy weekend but we can do this!!

Hope to hear from you all, soon!
Love & Blessings
Carl & Sheila