Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Bike Games 2012 CMA Oregon State Rally

Oregon State Rally

Please send this out to all the Oregon chapters and perhaps
Washington and California if that makes sense. This is to encourage
participation in the bike games on Saturday for the Oregon State Rally.
Jim Kenney, Wheels of Grace
Bike Games 2012 CMA Oregon State Rally
More bike games fun at the state rally! We will have a few changes from last year.
We will have competitions for 2 AND 3 wheelers, solo AND pilot/passagenger pairs.
Come prepared to have fun!
Jim Kenney, Wheels of Grace, Canby OR

Individual Games

2 wheel only
Plank Ride
Slow Race

2 and 3 wheel
Obstacle course (snaking curves around cones, timed run, time penalty for hitting/missing cones). Separate class for 2 wheel and 3 wheel

3 wheel only
Blind "closest to finish line without going over"

Pilot and Passenger Games

2 wheel only
Ring Joust

2 and 3 wheel
Water Balloon over Bar

3 wheel only
Blind pilot Slalom, directed by Passenger

Non-Bike Fun

Planks-on-feet team race, no prizes (start of games to get folks cheering)
Water balloon toss (back up a pace each toss) as wrap up at the end. just for bragging rights.

1st and 2nd for these classes, Gift Certs to Goodie store
2 wheel individual    $10, $5   =  $15
3 wheel individual    $10, $5   =  $15
2 wheel partners      $10, $5 (x2, pilot and passenger)   = $30
3 wheel partners      $10,  $5 (x2, pilot and passenger)  = $30
Total = $90 in prizes.