Friday, February 3, 2012

Valentine's Party

Hi all"
We've changed the Valentine's Party a little (You know girls LOL)
Here is a letter from Lori Nutting telling all the details.We hope you ALL will be there. Lori & Sherry have lot's of food & fun planned. (You don't need to bring food unless you were signed up for a specific item)

Here are the specific plans for the party.( from Lori N.)

Arrive at Dave and Sherry's house, dressed for a date with your spouse. (It rhymes) Feb 17th, (Friday) @ 6:30.  <<Call for Directions>>
Bring a wedding photo to be placed on a poster for everyone to see.
Ice Breaker game to ensure mingling of couples.
Presentation of prize to winning couple.
Dinner served.

Italian Tortellini Soup
Chicken Alfredo
Spinach Salad?
Rolls, Breadsticks
Sparkling Cider
Ice Water

Special music during dinner by guest of Sherry's.
Special devotion on love during dinner.
Two games.
Presentation of prizes.
Dessert Served.
Evening over.

Jar for donations to RFS available. How much is a night out with your date worth to you? If inclined, please make a comparable donation to RFS.

To cap, bring your date, your dressed up self, a wedding photo, and a desire to spend the evening with the one you love, surrounded by friends in the Lord.

RSVP to me by email, or by phone at 360-837-3110?