Thursday, July 14, 2011

Continuous Prayer Message

Hello Everyone.
Greetings from the Cross Country Riders Prayer Warriors.

This is another big weekend for our CMA chapter.  A number of us will be attending (as we faithfully do every year) the Cow Chip Boogie rally.  Several of us will be riding to the bikefest in Seaside and to help attend to the CMA booth set up by another chapter.

We would like to invite you all to participate with us in a campaign for "continuous prayer" this weekend for the success, well-being and safety for our attending members as they bring the presence of our Lord's message to these events.  There are two ways in which we request your participation and commitment:

1,   Our Cross Country Riders prayer warriors monthly prayer meeting has been rescheduled to tomorrow, Thursday, July 14th at 6:45 PM at the CrossPointe Baptist Church, our usual meeting spot, 9810 NE 76th St. , just east of the 5 corners intersection (NE Covington Rd. and 76th St.).  Please join us as we focus prayer on our efforts at Cow Chip Boogie and Seaside.  As always, we will devote time to individual prayer requests.

2.   Continuous Prayer Campaign.  We ask you to join us in commmitting to a campaign for "continuous prayer" this weekend tailored according to your circumstances and schedule  This commitment is yours to define as you are able, and will be between you and the Lord.  Here are some suggestions:
            -   You might set aside an hour of prayer, once, twice or whenever your schedule permits during the weekend.  It doesn't have to be an hour....just a period of prayer that you have scheduled during the day or evening.
            -   Another suggestion might be, as you go through your tasks of living, recreation, work etc. during the weekend, you could silently, or out loud, as circumstances permit, short (or longer if possible) prayers as you go about your daily tasks throughout the day and night.
            -    You might make room for silent moments throughout the day to remember those who are serving.
            -    As you are driving or riding or working, a quick, silent prayer could be said whenever possible..  While stopped at a stoplight, you could focus on a petition to the Lord.

As you can see there are many ways to make the commitment toward prayer.  Please pray for:
            -   Success in ministering to those in need and to help steer them toward Salvation.
            -   Success in planting seeds for those who might not, as yet be ready to accept the Lord but who are searching.
            -    That we be positive role models for Christ in the midst of the secular lifestyle that surround us.
            -    That our members attending these events remain safe throughout the event.
            -    That we be inspired in the Lord's will during these events.

Obviously there are many ways to approach prayer.  The key to this campaign though, is "continuous prayer", by as many of our members as possible.

Thank you for your participation and commitment.

The CCC Prayer Warriors.