Thursday, July 14, 2011

CMA Updates & Reminder's

Hi All'
Update's & Reminder's
First off, here is a message from Dan & Robbie,
Due to the fact that this weekend is Cow Chip Boogie, we have moved the prayer meeting from the Monday following the third Saturday to tomorrow, Thursday the 14th. Thanks to Doug Lack, we can still meet at Crosspointe Baptist Church (9810 NE 76th St) and will keep the standard meeting time of 6:45.

Hope to see you there!

Robbie & Dan
If you can make this prayer meeting, that would be great! They have a plan for praying all weekend for the team at "Cow Chip" & Seaside. Most of you know what kind of an event that "Cow Chip Boogie" is and we need all the prayer we can get.
Carl and I will be up at the sight setting up so we won't be able to be there. 
July 15-17 "Cow Chip"
Saturday July 16th Bike Fest, Seaside. CMA will have a booth there and needs help. Dave Wilson will be leading a group down there. Meet @ Boppin Bo's 8:00AM KSU 8:30 AM  Contact Dave Wilson @ 971 570 4532
If you are a part of "Cow chip" the chapter is providing, for the worker's, Hamburgers, Chili dogs, Mac salad, Potato Salad, 2- cases water, 2- 12 pks pop, 2 bags of chips 2- pks cookies, paper plates, plastic utinsils, and breakfast food. (we need cooks LOL) we will be bringing our BBQ. We have a generator in the MH but if someone has a portable, bring it. You can call me if you need more info 360 607-5704. Wrist bands will be available when you get there.
Those of you who are not going, please keep us in prayer. We will have a Sunday service up there at 8:30 AM if anyone wants to just show up for that. We are believing for great things this year!!
Also, Hucklerry Pancake Run. ( see website, Biker's for Christ)
July 20-24 CMA National Rally, Moses Lake. If you want to travel with someone, let me know. We have people leaving everyday starting Tues.
July 28-31 Sports Bike NW & Ocean Shores.
Check the Website @
See you all soon!
Love & Blessings