Monday, May 16, 2011

Larch Prison Visit

On Saturday we spent the day at Larch Corrections Center.  After meeting at Boppin' Bo's we rode up to the prison as a group.  Larch is back in the woods about 10 miles east of Hockinson, Washington.  Upon arrival, we emptied the bikes, snacked, and waited for the okay to take the bikes and sound equipment inside the fence.

Once inside we had a great time with the band playing and prisoners coming around to talk with us.  Some looked at the bikes, some wanted to tell their story, and some just wanted someone to talk with.  We then started up the bike games.  I think almost everyone enjoyed the games, even those who became closely acquainted with the slick grass during the obstacle course.  The games also included Plumber's Nightmare, Ring Toss, Ball Transfer, and the Slooooooow Races.   The slowest bike was made entirely of wood by one of the inmates.  That piece of artwork can only be described as amazing! 

The band played and truly ministered to a large group.  It was heartening to see so many Christians in the mix.

Thanks to everyone who participated.....

The band was called "Repent".
Members are mostly from one church in Portland, Parkrose Deliverance Tabernacle, 57th and Lombard
  • Dave Servi – lead guitarist
  • Robert Santoya – base guitarist
  • Jake Blackman – fill in drummer
  • Jeff Hancuff –fill in drummer soon to be permanent but from Faith Center in Vancouver
  • Jeanie White – acoustic guitar and vocalist (not sure what church she formally attends)
  • Michelle Mandes – vocalist
  • Marilyn Geary Symons – vocalist

Members of Cross Country Cyclists
  • Carl Bevard
  • Doug McGaughey
  • Debbie McGaughey
  • Tim Randall
  • Cliff Nutting
  • Lori Nutting
  • Richard Lange
  • Johnny Bullock
  • Marie Bullock
  • Doug Lack
  • Jim Young
  • Dan Pietila
  • John Bunch
  • Anna Bunch
  • Don Rogers
  • Patti Rogers
  • Cliff Rogers
  • Candyce Wagoner
  • Scott Wagoner

Other CMA's not from Cross Country Cyclists
  • Dana Pieze
  • Donna Pieze
  • Stephen Schiller
  • Murrel Petry
  • Thomas Bussman
  • Peter Nichols