Friday, March 11, 2011

Portland Roadster Show

Updated & New info : Portlad Roadster Show Mar 17-20
They will be setting up Wed & Thurs so if you can go over and just jump in and help anyone who needs help, that would be great. We don't have the time for booth set-up yet because of Carl & Danny's work schedule.I may just haul everything over there Thursday around noon. I will let you know.
Hours of Operation.  (I was told that at 7:00 PM Sun is the Take-out time and is a great time to be there as the cars are fired up and taken out.)
Fri 12:00- 9:00
Sat 10:00-9:00
Sun 10:00-7:00
Expo Center.
Go to Will Call entrance beside front entrance to get badges.
Parking is $8 or $9 per day ( haven't heard about discount yet.)
You can buy a 3 day parking permit for $21.00.  The promoters for the show don't have anything to do with the parking. I would suggest trying to carpool.

Mar 10th Updated

Hi All"
This is the info that I got from Carl about the Roadster Show. Some of the details may change but as of now, this is what I have.
 I am slowly getting the hours that people can work. Please let me know what hours you can work. If you don't sign-up for a set time, please come and help out anyway. You can either work in our booth or help with the promotors.
We could use some people from Oregon or Ruah Riders to work Saturday morning as we have our meeting that day until 10:30.
Plan to be there at least 2 hours or more.and help with anything that needs to be done. You are getting in for free (IF YOU HAVE COLORS)so you will be expected to work. So far we have to pay for our own parking but Carl is working on getting us an area to park at a discounted rate.(will keep you posted) We could do some car pooling also.
Badges will be picked up at Will Call. YOU MUST BE WEARING YOUR COLORS!
Thursday Mar 17 will be set-up. Not sure what time Danny plans to go yet but I will let you know or you can call Danny @ 360 771-4626 Here is a list of the people signed up to help set-up:
Carl & Sheila, Dan & Madlyn, Robert, Robbie, Tommy, Chuck B, Tim R, Cliff & Lori, Bruce & Penny. Doug M.
Fri Mar 18th 12:00- 9:00
Chuck 12:00-2:00
Doug M. 12:00-2:00
Tim Randall 12:00- 6:00
Jim Brown 3:00-6:00
Tracy, Robert, Tommy & Robbie, Dan & Madlyn, Carl & Sheila, Chickee Smith. Dan & Robbie?
Sat Mar 19th 10:00- 10:00?
Tracy H, Robert, Robbie & Tommy, Richard & Sharon, Dan & Madlyn, Dave & Sherri,Dan & Lisa, Eric & Lee, Alan & Lisa, Carl & Sheila, Bruce & Penny, Bruce Tiller?, Dee McGrath? Dan & Robbie? Le Anderson.
Sun Mar 20th 10:00-7:00?
Dan & Lisa, Ken Russell, Tracy H, Daniel & Robbie?, Richard & Sharon, Dan & Madlyn, Robert, Tommy & Robbie, Tim R, Carl & Sheila, Le Anderson.
You can still sign up if you haven't yet.
I will send you any new info as I get it.
Love & Blessings