Thursday, February 3, 2011

Nasselle Youth Camp

Hi Y'all,
Nasselle Youth Camp is a go for a visit this summer.......Praise the Lord.  The quads and the motorcycles are both welcome.
Can you select a date in June that will work for all of you to do this visit and let me know
as soon as possible....we don't want to miss the chance to get in the door.
This is the plan in draft form of course....
I am told that it is about a two hour drive from Vancouver to the camp.  The visit will start
at 3:00PM (we will need to be there earlier to get cleared and set up) and will go til 5:00PM.
At 5:00PM we will join the kids for dinner and then at 6:00PM we will move to the chapel for
their chapel service, of which we will be a part of.  That will conclude by 7:00PM and we will
then head home.
Let us know what you think......
Jim & Margaret