Thursday, February 25, 2010

From George, Longview Chapter

Hi All!  A reminder that we will be participating with the Goldwing Road Riders at the Three River's Mall Motorcycle Show this Saturday, and Sunday, February 27 and 28.  We will be sharing a booth with members of the GWRRA.  Our schedule is as follows: 

SATURDAY, 10 AM-2PM (Jerry Braden and Carl Bevard), 1PM-4PM (Karl Graichen), 4PM-6PM (Bob Johnson), 6PM-9PM (Greg Johanson). 

SUNDAY, 10 AM-2PM (Karl Graichen), 1 PM-4PM (George Juola and Paul Owens), 4 PM-6PM (Dave Miller and Don Rodgers). 

All CMA Members wishing to show their Bikes must enter, and register with the GWRRA between 9:00-9:30 PM FRIDAY EVENING, February 26.  All Bikes on display MUST remain in the Mall until 6:00 PM SUNDAY EVENING.  I would like to see all of us participate by attending the motorcycle show either day WEARING YOUR COLORS!  Those scheduled to work would enjoy a relief from table duty, so if you are available, please help. 

ON SUNDAY MORNING we will also be presenting the ministry of Ruah Riders, CMA, at Shekinah Christian Center in Longview.  The service begins at 10:15 AM.  Our ministry will be presented at approx. 11:00 AM.  Your attendance at Shekinah would be appreciated.  I will be at yet another Longview church speaking the same morning.  We will be very busy !!!  IF physically and Spiritually possible, it is my philosophy not to decline any ministry offered to our Chapter. 

OUR REGULAR MARCH MONTHLY MEETING IS  THE FOLLOWING EVENING, MONDAY, MARCH 01, March 01, at Spiffy's Restaurant in Longview.  Dinner 6:00 PM, Meeting 7:00 PM.  It appears our Summer of Ministry will be GREAT, with new events, rides, rallies, and opportunities becoming available.  "One God and Father of all, who is above all, and through all, and in you all," Ephesians 4:6    Please pray for God's wisdom this weekend.  --George  (Cell, 798-3661)