Thursday, October 8, 2009

Garage Sale for Les McDonald

Hello Everyone !

On Oct 16th and 17th there will be a HUGE garage sale at the church (Faith Center) to raise money to help medical expenses for Les. Please get the word out to friends, family, businesses, etc if you can. We need lots of volunteers so if you can look over the list and let me know if  you are able to help in any way that would be greatly appreciated!!!

- We need lots of quality, clean items to be donated (clothing, furniture, books, etc). Stay tuned for when you can start bringing them to the church. I will send out another email or it will be announced Sat/Sun at church. ( email from Sheila )
-  help with sorting, pricing, setting up tables. (tues the 13th - thurs/ the 15th - day/evening)
-  workers to be at the sale...hours 8 - 4 (you can work the whole time, or a few hours at a time, etc) We'll need people in the red room, as well as outside to help customers
-  posters that can be made to go out by the streets
-  plastic/paper bags donated for packaging the sales
-  someone to be the "in-charge" person for Friday, ask me for details
-  a few guys to help with loading furniture on fri/sat
-  end of sale on saturday, we need a few trucks/guys to help take everything left to Salvation Army

If anyone has any other suggestions, let me know!!  Please reply to me only and not "reply all" so everyone doesn't get a ton of emails!!!!  You can also reach me at or my cell 931-2186.  THANK YOU!!!!  What a great opportunity for us to bless this family who means so much to so many of us!! Please feel free to forward this email or spread the word to others!

Vicki Husmoen