Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Report: Pro Caliber Show and Shine

Star Touring put together it's first Show and Shine at Pro Caliber this last Saturday and they did an excellent job!  The event was held to benefit the charity, Bridge the Gap, which provides products and services for teenagers, an often overlooked group with many needs.  They raised approximately $1,500.00.  There were 13 vendor booths set up.  Carl was there bright and early with our CMA booth and Cliff and I helped to set it up.  We were there all day with many CMA members stopping in to enjoy the show and say hello.  We distributed free ice water, (it was REALLLLLY hot, our booth was in the sun all day), CMA bike cleaning cloths, and motorcycle Bibles.  Several riders expressed an interest in joining our chapter.  Cliff and I tried to help out the other vendors and people running the show whenever we saw a need.  There was a bike show with first and second place trophies, free barbecue lunch provided by Pro Caliber, and at least 50 great raffle prizes.  The highlight of the day was the 50/50 drawing.  The total was $1,500.00 so the winner would take home $750.00.  The gentleman who won, I didn't get his name, donated all but $100.00 back to Bridge the Gap.  It was a really well run, well done, enjoyable event.  Hopefully, they will do it again next year.