Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Prayer Ride 9:00 am Aug 8,

This is a ride that we would like for all to participate in.
Love & Blessings
Carl & Sheila


I attached the flier and put info in the email also.  There are a few details that I did not put on the flier.  The towns we are going to are Camas, Battle Ground, LaCenter, Ridgefield, and Vancouver in that order.  We have a route that goes though the back roads avoiding traffic, traffic lights where possible and providing a nicer ride.  We plan on doing the speed limit because of safety reasons.  We will have designated some one to lead the prayer at each location so that we can control the time.  We have allowed 15 minutes max at each location.  If we have everyone pray at each location it could easily go much longer.  The ride time is about 2.5 hours.  That should answer most of the questions you might get. 

Talk to you later.  Oh, one more thing we have changed our name to CrossPointe Riders because of conflicts with another group.

In His service
Doug and 

Crosspointe Riders and Friends

We are going on a Prayer Ride

Come and Join us

We will be riding to 5 local communities stopping to pray at each one

The ride will take about 3 hours and end at Fort Vancouver.

After the ride we have a bring your own lunch Picnic at Fort Vancouver.

Date and time: 9:00 am Saturday - August 8th

Starting Point: Northwest Baptist Convention Center 3200 NE 109th Ave, Vancouver, WA

Ending Point: Fort Vancouver