Friday, June 5, 2009

Special Prayer

This is from Guy & Lenora who go to our Church and ride with our CMA Chapter.


Could you do a "very special prayer"  for my brother,  Robert Donner,  who has had open heart surgery.  His chance of survival was only 15%, but he has been hanging on since Tuesday, just barely!!  He's still in very critical danger of getting through this, with his heart now only working 10%-15%  and still connected to life support.  This has been caused by Agent Orange while in Vietnam, along with his diabetes. Having earned 3 Purple Hearts and a Bronze Star, fighting for our Freedom. 

   We've been in Tacoma at the St. Joseph Hospital  with him daily, with the rest of the family.  It's been one of  "God's Miracles"  that he's even come this far through the surgery.  But now, we need extra prayers to help him finish his road to recovery. 

Thanks so much for any support.  Through the help of God, no matter how it may turn out,  we will all know that   everyone was by his side, and he's not alone going through this journey 

God Bless,

Lenora & Guy Anderson