Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Day Ride to Cannon Beach

Ruah Riders, Longview Chapter.
Subject: Outstanding Day, Fantastic Ride

Hello Everyone:  What a great Memorial Day we shared yesterday!  We gathered together at 10:00 AM at Old School Choppers. Present was the largest number of people/bikes we have ever had on a "Run," 23 motorcycles, 28 people, plus the owners of a BMW sidecar, and a Trike.  The Old School Choppers parking lot was full.  Due to the number of bikes, we divided into two groups.  I pulled tail with the first group, and what a sight to behold going down the highways.  Our journey led us through Mist, stopping for a break at Burkenfeld.  Then on to Camp 18 for lunch, and a good time of fellowship.  After lunch we proceeded to Cannon Beach, and Ice Cream!  We spit into three groups coming home, some via the Oregon side, and some via the Washington side.  A special thanks to Bob Johnson, Road Captain, for personally phoning every person on our mailing list, and more.  Though E-Mail notices are sent for Ruah Riders upcoming events, and rides, nothing takes the place of personal contacts.  Others, like Paul Owen, helped a couple from their church finish a home project Sunday afternoon to enable them to participate in our Memorial Day ride.  I hope to see Justin, and Jessica return.  Three Cross Country Cyclist's from Vancouver blessed us with their presence.  Paul, and Buck served us well stopping on-coming traffic so we could make left hand turns crossing roads, and highways.  Big thanks to Bob Johnson for leading group #1, and Jerry Braden for leading group #2.    Many of you invited friends. It was a privilege to meet Bob's Son, and Daughter-in-law from Nashville.  Dorothy even invited a total stranger she was speaking with at Old School Choppers to come, and he did!  Our continuing growth, and outreach depends on members like you, and the sacrifices you make in serving God, and His people.  I feel so privileged to belong to our CMA Chapter, and to have friends like you.  Memories to last a lifetime.