Sunday, April 26, 2009

Thank you from Tim

To all who helped & participated, at the event, this is for you from Tim Randall

Thank you, thank you!! 
I apologize for all the "tense" times, that I let (show) I never imagined that this event would be so demanding and logistically complex. (Like many of you, likely putting together something like this was first. IT COULD NOT HAVE BEEN DONE WITHOUT THE HELP OF ALL OF YOU COLLECTIVELY!!                          
It was told to me that at one time there were 65 bikes parked and in the neighborhood of 120 came and went throughout the day! Not bad for the iffy weather! There were some very unique bikes at the event, (all electric, old school triumph, Cushman 1ton with scooter!, and lots of Harleys and street bikes! 
It pays to be a CMA KID and a hard worker! (Ask Chanse how many door prizes he won from tickets given to him by people that chose to leave early?)  Congratulations to Don for winning both "best bike".   I truly believe we (with Gods providence) accomplished our goal to show our chapter approved to our community.  I have scheduled a follow-up "debrief" with the law enforcement agencies, tentatively on Thursday at 11am at I hop.  (anyone wishing to attend) please contact me so I can e-mail confirm) we will add up the receipts for purchases and compare to the intake from Door-prize sales and report to all the balance—(run for the son contribution).  What a blessing all the sponsors and participants were as well!  I can't remember "any" rally I have been to that had ½ the door prizes we offered in (a 3 hour) period of time!!  At last count I hear of over 300 tickets sold!!
Next time you see a County official, (Commissioner Marc Boldt) came by) please join me in a word of thanks!  I will be writing a thank your email to all Participant/Sponsors in the next few days and it will be sent on behalf of "all the CCC chapter members" 
This was your/ our event, I just "thought up the idea" THANKS AGAIN-----NOW IT IS NIGHT, NIGHT TIME!!!       
We are blessed!!
From: Sheila Bevard []
Sent: Saturday, April 25, 2009 9:06 PM
To: Richard& Michelle Lange CMA
Subject: CMA- Motorcycle event & Run for Son
Hi Everyone,
WOW! the motorcycle Gathering & Safety class was awesome. If you didn't make it, you missed out, for sure. There were lots of people, food, door prizes & donuts! LOL!
A BIG special thanks to Tim Randall for putting this together, pretty much single handed.
Thanks to all who showed up to help. We had so many helpers we couldn't keep them all busy. We had Channel 12 news there and it was on TV this afternoon and probably again tonight. I think you can go on their website and see it.
I would personally like to thank some of the people who spent all day there helping.
Rick Sayles & Conrad for Cooking Hamb. & Hotdogs.
Debbie McGaughey, made all the signs, sign-up sheets, set-up, etc.
Lori Nutting, Leona & Cassie Lack for the Registration booth.
Some did numerous things including Set-up & Clean-up.
Lori Randall, Cliff Nutting, Theresa Johnson, Les & Annie McDonald,, Guy & Lenora, Don & Patti. Doug & Leona Lack, Joe Rasmussen, Chanse Sayles.
The Longview Chapter came down to help also.
Sound Booth, Allen Trenda and another guy that I don't know (Sorry)
Banners, Gabe & Luke. I know there were many more helping with Bike Blessings & other things but I can't remember them all. Everyone really came together and pulled this off. It was great. If I didn't mention you, THANK YOU!!
You are all a Blessing!!!
There were almost 100 people take the Group Riding class!!!!!!!
It was an awesome day and we may make this a yearly event.
Run For Son
We will meet Saturday May 2 at Hometown Buffet ( Vancouver ) at 8:30AM, kickstands up at 8:45. We will head up Hwy 14 to the Dallas to meet with other Chapters and from there to Imperial Rafting Company for a BBQ ($10.00) several chapters will participate in this ride.
We will need to know of all the money that has been committed to Run for Son so we can turn the numbers in on Saturday morning.
Love & Blessings
Carl & Sheila
See you all Saturday!!!!!