Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Testimonies from the Motorcycle Gathering/Safety Fair event

From Tim.....
Here is another reply from a Couple that attended the Event on Saturday!  (Todd is the guy I went to Sturgis with last year on the "Triumph Rocket"
I invited him to the event a month or so ago and as God could only do (he was sitting in a parking lot at work on Friday looking at his calendar and listening to the radio when at the same time he "re-read my email invite" and KPAM radio station advertised the event!!! 
Tim, thanks for the invite to this rally. We thought it was very well organized and seemed really well attended given the cold, rainy weather. It was good to focus on the safety aspect of riding - that brings in the law enforcement element and gives the whole thing a good underlying theme.
By the way, I took my $100 gift card along with some other funds and purchased one of those full-faced, flip up helmets. Now I can use my drink holder and get a sip to drink while riding by flipping up the helmet. Teresa wanted my current full faced helmet anyway so it worked out great.
Hope to see you out there this summer!