Monday, March 30, 2009

Prison visits for 2009


Hello Everyone,

Attached is the list of prison visits for the year 2009.  Due to economics, both the DOC and all of ours we have reduced

the number of visits this year. 


If your favorite facility is not on the list we are sorry, but there have been many challenges this year in getting this together.

Please understand that it is not just us, but many things determine where we go and if the prison can accomodate the

bikes etc and this year DOC is having its challenges too.


If you are interested in going to the Larch visit you can email us and let us know.  Or you can contact Doug McGaughey if you are from the CCC or RR chapters.  Deadline for signups will be April 15th so don't wait.  Larch Corrections Center is located just outside of Vancouver, WA and will be an afternoon visit.  This is a very non threatening visit and you will outside for most of it unless there is rain.  These guys are hungry and always happy to see the bikers so come on out and bless them.  


We look forward to this year and the blessings that these visits will result in.  If you have questions give us a call....360 871 3466.


In HIS Service,

Jim & Margaret Rogers


May     16        Larch Corrections Center                               


July     18         Airway Heights Corrections              


August  15      Cedar Creek Corrections                                           


Sept       19      McNeil Island


December 19   Cedar Creek Corrections