Friday, February 13, 2009



Saturday, February 28, 2009 is our Western Washington Officers meeting.  Everyone is invited to attend.  This gathering is not limited to chapter officers. Anyone who is interested in CMA and what we are doing here in Washington is welcome to come.  Lunch will be served for a fee of $8.00.. We will make futher plans at our regular meeting. After the meeting we will come back to the ABATE celebration. Info below.

Love & Blessings

Carl & Sheila


Dedicated to Freedom of the Road

A.B.A.T.E. of Washington

Clark County Freedom Riders Chapter

Ratification Celebration


Potluck Dinner


Saturday February 28th 2009


American Legion

4607 NE St James Rd, Vancouver, WA 98663


3:00pm – 10:00pm

Fun for the entire family!

Please bring your favorite food item

Refreshments will be provided






Contact Information:

Kevin Cramer 360-260-0040

Dannet Cramer 360-260-0040

Mark Silva 360-607-2249


Also, don't forget the Sweetheart project tomorrow that Doug Lack and his Church have asked us to help with. Details below.

The fellowship riders are sponsoring a 1-day Sweetheart Project on the 14th of
Feburary (Valentine's Day) to help Girl Scouts.  The Evergreen Girl Scout
Camp was flooded out during the recent storms and need help recovering.  They
primarily need help clearing and burning the debri left by the flooding.  

We are being joined by other volunteer goups in this effort.  If you would like
to help please contact Douglas Lack,  50...
, for more information.  The
address of the camp is 655 Mill Creek Rd Longview, WA 98632

The plan is for those in the Portland/Vancouver area to meet at the NW Baptist
Center, 3200 NE 109th, Vancouver at 7:30 am and depart BY 8 am and travel by
private vehicles and/or bus to the Camp. Maps to the site are available either
from Douglas Lack or from

We will need to provide our own sack lunch.  Water will be provided.

We will link up either at the NW Baptist Convention Center at 7:30 am or at the
Gee Creek Rest Area a little after 8 am.  Let me know if anyone riding needs
help carrying tools to and from the site.

Tools needed: rain gear, mud boots, gloves, short tine garden rakes, hand limb
cutters and/or large limb cutters, bow saws.

Items covered: Wheel barrows, chain saws.

In His service


Watch our website as it will be updated this weekend!

If you have anything that needs to go on the website, please let me know.