Sunday, December 28, 2008

WACCC on FaceBook

I know there are a few FaceBook fans out there.  I’m experimenting with a FaceBook page that could be used in conjunction with our page.  FaceBook is very interactive and allows you to provide more feedback.  There’s a discussion area, more room for photos, and plenty of ways to connect.  If you’re interested in taking a look,  click on the link below.


Cross Country Cyclists on FaceBook





Saturday, December 27, 2008

Motorcycle Community Fundraiser for Clackamas Service Center


We hope you all had a Great Christmas, celebrating our Lord and Savior!!! 
We had our meeting last Saturday and was surprised to see so many of you, since the weather was so much fun LOL! We had 17 there. Rich Lange was there after traveling all the way from Spokane the night before. We were happy to see him.
We discussed the Jones Creek Trail Riders "Hangover Scramble" . ( Flyer enclosed )Those of you who plan to go and help with this, need to let me know ASAP so I can give them the list of names so you will get in free. They will have a meeting at 6:00AM before things get going. So you can plan to be there then or sometime soon after. The event starts at 8:00AM. I have enclosed the you can see what is going on. It was very cold out there last year, so you will need to dress warm.
The Polar Bear run is the same day for those of you who want to attend that.
We have re-scheduled our Christmas party for Tuesday Jan 13th at Don & Patti's. It will be Potluck and we will still do our Cut Throat gift exchange and our drawings for the Leather Jackets, helmets, etc.
We will have our Officers meeting before the party at 6:00PM and the Party will follow at 7:00.
We voted on giving Open House Ministries Shelter, $100.00 from our chapter funds and the proceeds from the drawings.
Please keep Billy & Cheryl and the rest of our members who are having financial difficulties during this economy, in your prayers.
Also keep Chris Lack and his family in your prayers as he is being deployed to Iraq in a couple months.
We hope to see you all soon and pray for a Happy & prosperous New Year.
Love & Blessings
Carl & Sheila
check out the website @

Sunday, December 14, 2008

CMA Emergency

Hi Everyone,
Carl and I have been talking tonight and it is really on our hearts to help the homeless during this terribly cold weather. The only thing we can come up with is to gather up coats, hats, gloves, blankets, etc. and take them downtown Vancouver to distribute them, to the homeless.
If you are interested in helping with distributing or donating,(or both) please contact me ASAP! I will start gathering things tomorrow and take them down there Tuesday. As I sit here in my nice warm house, I am feeling aweful!
Thanks for your quick response.
Love & Blessings
Carl & Sheila

Saturday, December 6, 2008


Dear CMA family,

We would like to share an urgent need that we have. Sarai Ameca, daughter of Manuel and Ortencia Ameca the President of CMA Mexico, has been in the United States for 4 months working as an intern at the CMA Support Center. She was recently taken to the hospital in Mena, AR and is currently in Intensive Care. Her pancreas has stopped producing insulin and she has been diagnosed as a type 1 diabetic. The Ameca family does not have insurance. Please add her and her family to your prayers during this time. We are setting up a fund for Sarai and her family to help offset the medical expenses and help support them while they are in the United States. If you would like to donate to this fund, you can call the CMA Support Center at

870-389-6196 extension 248 to make a credit/debit card donation or send a check with a Sarai Ameca in the memo field to the CMA Support Center at PO Box 9, Hatfield, AR 71945.

  Thank you,

  Holly Ogden

Executive Assistant

Christian Motorcyclists Association

(870) 389-6196 ext. 238


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Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I have a prayer request that I would like you to forward on to all your Christian contacts.
A wonderful servant of our Lord has gone home. Pastor Don Holmes of southern Oregon died a little of a week ago. He was a man who dearly loved the Lord. From years of faithful service, he had an incredible impact on many lives, including my own.
His widow Linda, has asked for prayer regarding their home. She needs it to sell quickly.
I respectfully ask that everyone who receives this e-mail, lift this situation up before the Lord in unity of prayer. God knows all the details.
Thank you,
Steve Clayborn