Friday, September 12, 2008

Upcoming Unity Ride

Saturday, September 20th is the Unity Ride sponsored by the Wheels of Grace Magazine.  This ride is being held on the same date and time at other locations across the United States to benefit the Angel Tree program, for the children of incarcerated individuals.  Angel Tree is a part of the Prison Fellowship Organization .  CMA Prison Ministries has a major part in this effort to see that each child receives a Christmas gift from their absent parent.
That is where each of your chapters comes into the picture.  At this time we have children residing in Mason, Cowlitz,  Pierce and Franklin Counties that we can bless by providing gifts this Christmas.
I ask each of you to present this to your chapters and pray about what we can do collectively to show the love of Jesus to His children.   Asking for money and/or gifts during these tough economic times is not easy, but we believe that God will provide for His children through all of us and that HE is big enough to meet all of our needs.  
Isn't it great to be a Christian?  We look forward to seeing you all on Saturday, Sept 20th for the Unity Ride where we will have a chance to show what Christians are all about!!
In HIS Service,
Jim Rogers
Christian Motorcyclists Association SW Washington Area Rep
Washington State Director of Prison Ministries
360 871 3466