Wednesday, September 24, 2008

CMA at Latus

Carl and Sheila,  I was at the Latus Motors "end of the summer barbeque" on Saturday (killing time) between our chapter meeting and the Wedding at 2pm.  (seems the Lord had a plan for me greater then "killing time"!!!  I was just hanging out listening to the band, talking to a few bikers and watching a gal purchasing her first Harley (2009 Harley-Davidson XL 1200N Sportster 1200 Nightster ) Unfortunately when she was taking off for her first ride she evidently got confused and rolled on the throttle and when full bore into the barbeque tent loaded with people.  I being fortunately trained as a EMT ran to her aid and was able to stabilize her and assess her condition and call 911. Another biker (Gladstone Fire battalion chief) rushed to help me as well.  Once we determined that her injuries and that of two others was not life threatening I took the opportunity to ask her If I could pray for her and the others (she promptly agreed and I was joined by several others and prayed!  When I was finished the Paramedics arrived and was able to get her and one other on to a backboard and transport them to the Hospital for further evaluation.  (note) a young lady came up to me afterwards and told me she hoped I didn't mind that she had joined me in prayer also.  I believe that Because I wore my CMA colors, and had the full armor of God with me that the enemy was defeated (again) and God got the Glory!!) THANK YOU JESUS FOR USING ME AGAIN!!  Tim