Sunday, August 10, 2008

Note from Tim

Well we are back from Sturgis, Indescribable was the whole week!! We drove
as quick as possible, but aver nearly 20 hours we decided at Pasco that it
was unsafe to push on and pulled over and took what ended up to be a two
hour cat nap! I dropped Todd off and raced home and unloaded my bike and
rode back to see Jerry Mataya. Unfortunately he passed from this life just
30 minutes before I got to his house. Praise God he fought a good fight and
proved the enemy defeated! Jerry is now in Heaven where there is not
pot-holes, no cars to cut in front of him and endless winding roads! When I
got to the house Pastor JD was there along with Linda, and there 3
daughters. I stayed as we all said our goodbyes, reveled in Jerry's love for
his family and his love for Harley Davidson Motorcycles. He Loved the Lord,
and just a short time ago Jerry told me that when he regained his health he
wanted to Join CMA and ride with us to win for Christ the unsaved in the
biker world.

I also found out that last week he climbed aboard Linda's Trike and with
another biker (Terry) they started off for Sturgis! Unfortunately the trike
broke down in the Dalles, so they turned back. (Jerry was really
disappointed that he didn't make it to the 68th bike week!

I didn't know him all that long but God put us together and I had grown to
admire him for his tenacity and Love for life! He was a great father,
husband and friend to many!

The family is planning a Memorial on Friday (around 4pm) at JD's Church. (
I will let you guys know, if you decide to come, I am sure the family will
find it comforting. (I plan on working even harder in winning Souls aboard
the HD Ultra I purchased from Jerry.

Please continue to pray for Comfort and peace for Jerry's family that are
grieving during this difficult time.

God's Speed,