Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Prison Visit Airway Heights Corrections Center August 16th.

Hello Everyone,

We are now accepting names for the upcoming visit to Airway Heights Corrections Center scheduled for August 16th.
Deadline for signing up will be July 27th. If you plan to attend please note that we will be going into two units.....MSU in the
morning and the Medium in the afternoon. What this means is that you will most likely have to travel on Friday to be there for Saturday morning.
We will be eating lunch at the facility and the cost for lunch is $2.00 (as far as I know it has not gone up yet).

Also, the Inland Empire Victory Riders are having a barbeque on Saturday afternoon and have extended an invitation to those that are coming
to the prison to come and camp and enjoy the barbeque with them. Below is the e-mail that we received regarding this event. If you plan to
accept the invitation please email Mitch and let him know so he can plan accordingly.

I'm Mitch Williams with the Inland Empire Victory Riders (IEVR) the Hospitality Team Host for our club. I'm letting you know that on August 16, 2008 when you're here for the prison ministry visit, there will be a Texas BBQ at my house after the visit for all. Also I would like to let you know that everyone that comes can camp at my house. I'm only six miles from the prison just past Fairchild Air Force Base. I have 12 acres, lots of green grass to camp on, one Bed room open, and lots of floor space for sleeping bags. The BBQ is our annual event. You're all welcome to come and eat, camp and visit. I will send a map and more info later.
All I need is a head count for the BBQ and camping and when they are coming. If you have any questions, please call me at 509-244-1951 or my cell 509-993-2396 or e-mail It will be a good time of fellowship.

Jim Rogers and Randy Hayes

CMA Prison Ministries