Monday, July 28, 2008

Ocean Shores 2008

This year's trip to Ocean Shores was fun. Sheila went up early and Carl shortly thereafter. Don Rogers lead the rest of the Vancouver contingent up I-5 On Friday morning. As they passed Highway 12, I merged in and we continued up towards the event. We stopped along the way to eat lunch and get stamps for the poker run. Upon our arrival, we dispersed to set up our various accommodations…. Tents, RV's, and hotel rooms. A local church made their facilities available to the chapter, including tent space and showers. The weather was great on Friday. Saturday morning brought in a little mist that kept some people at home. There are a few people still left in the Pacific Northwest that won't ride in wet stuff!

There was the normal array of vendors selling food, clothing, and bike gadgets. It was good to see Wendy Love back in command of her shop. Dan and Gretta Sines were also running their booth at the Casino. Those that registered were able to participate fully in the event. That included joining in the bike games, enjoying the comedians, the group rides, and drawings.

There was plenty of other stuff to do too. The beach was inviting on Friday after dinner and some of us took in a movie together on Saturday night.

CMA was there en masse with both the regular ministry booth as well as a bike blessing booth. We also helped man the first aid tent. Marv Aston asked God's blessing at the opening ceremonies and also delivered a creative lesson on the Lord's Prayer on Sunday morning. (Don't ask…. You should've been there!)

On Sunday we all parted for different places. Some returned to Vancouver. Others were starting their trip to Sturgis and headed to Leavenworth, Washington. I shot back over to my temporary digs in Newport, Washington (about 450mi). On the way home I was thinking that I didn't really feel as if I'd served like I did last year. This year I was balancing time with my family and ministry activities and I didn't want to take time from Michelle and John. About 15 miles from Camp Lange I came across a disabled vehicle on Highway 2. A nice woman had a front tire start to come apart on her and had no idea how to change it. We found the tool kit in the hidden compartment under the rear seat and I put on a full size spare with very low pressure. I followed her into Newport and inflated the tire for her and sent her on her way. That was a pretty good way to finish the weekend.

I'll add pictures as people email them in.


- Richard