Saturday, July 19, 2008

Huckleberry Run Pictures

Here are the photos I took today on our run with the Bikers for Christ

(Huckleberry run)  split off from them at Hood River and went East to the

Dalles to join the Patriot Guard with a Visit to the "heroes" at the

Veterans Home in the Dalles.  We had two guest riders with us as well.


Couple of Notes: Debbie did a great job riding her own bike (kept up with

all of us just fine)  Conrad made his longest ride ever and did well too!

You will note Don R. having a "light snack" 4lb cinnamon roll at Cousins in

the Dalles!


The Ride covered just about 260 miles and was a Blessing!!  Thanks to all

the Leadership of our Great Chapter for setting this up!