Friday, June 20, 2008

From our friends in Longview: Planter's Days in Woodland


Hi everyone!  After discussions with our chapter officers a few days ago, it was decided (For those of us that are available) to attend the Woodland Planter's Day Activities this Saturday, June 21.  We will meet at the WOODLAND SAFEWAY south parking lot at 11:00 AM.  Some of us will earlier scan the downtown area for a closer more visible parking spot.  I will bring the CMA Banner, and tie it to the handle bars of a few bikes.  We will have CMA info available at the bikes as well, where people passing can pick-up a brochure.  Please wear your colors if you have them.  You can stay as long as you wish to, and leave when you want to.  Let's be praying God will open doors of ministry for us.  This should be a good experience, so please come if you can.  We will also be joined by members of Vancouver Cross Country Cyclists, Apostle's for Christ, and friends.  Call me if you have any questions this evening, I plan to be home.  My Woodland phone number is (360) 225-6263.  See ya Tomorrow, George