Saturday, May 24, 2008

Visit needed for Good Sam Patient

Hi Everyone,

I was contacted today, by George from the Longview Chapter. He is Chaplain at Good Sam hospital. He has asked that some CMA members go over and visit & pray with a young man, 26 years old who was bitten by a poisonous bug and the poison went to his brain and caused irreversible damage. He is from Cascade Locks and said that CMA visited his Church up there and he is very intrigued by CMA. If you can spare some time this weekend, to go visit him and pray with him, that would be a big, Blessing to him. He really likes our Colors, so if you have them, wear them.
Please let me know if you can go so I can let George know or you can call him @ 360 798-3661.
Here is the info:
Good Sam Hospital
1015 N.W. 22nd Ave.
Portland, Ore
Vaughn Exit.
Donald Webb
Room 677, 6th Floor, Neurology

Thanks for your support.

Love & Blessings

Carl &Sheila