Friday, May 9, 2008

Saturday Run - Urgent



I am very sorry for the mis-communication. We canceled our plans to go on the Cowlitz Co ABATE Run and decided to go to the Vernonia work party. The meeting place is wrong. They will leave from Love's on 179th. Last Bike out 9:30.

Hope some of you will get this before Saturday morning. If you don't, please accept our apology but we were given wrong information.

Also, WENDY IS BACK!! Wendy Love has taken Loves Leathers back and it will now be called "WENDY LOVES COMPANY". Please go out and visit and show your support. She is an awesome women of God and we believe God has some special plans for her store. She is trying to build the inventory back up after loosing alot of it. So go out and see what she has.


Love you all!

Love & Blessings

Carl & Sheila