Monday, May 5, 2008

Meeting to plan for the July 19th visit to the Oregon Veterans Home

A brief organizational meeting for those that would be interested in helping or would simply like to know more about what is planned for the July 19th Motorcycle visitation to OVH.
Wednesday May 7th 6pm  at the Oregon Veterans Home.  I promise an hour max.
We will review the vision of what this event is to be about.  Honor, Respect, Visitation and keeping this operation as simple as possible.  We will look at the parking plan for those that arrive by Motorcycle. (which we hope will be many).  We will briefly tour the facility
Our group will be primarily assigned to organize the bikes and to be available for the information needs of those that travel here from outside.
Hope that you can make it.  If the 7th is not a good day for you, not too worry. You can still be involved and help when the day comes.  There will also be a meeting closer to the actual event.
Feel free to bring along guests.
<<PGR VETS HOME Flyer2 Rev 2+.doc>>
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with respect,
Rod Runyon