Thursday, May 15, 2008

CMA Reminders


Hi Ya' All,

Just a few reminders. Regular meeting Saturday 5/17. Hometown Buffet 8:30AM breakfast, 9:00 meeting. Following the meeting we will be going to Larch Correctional Facility for visitation and Bike games. If you are not signed up, you can ride up with us and then head back. This will also be the Power Encounter. If you aren't going to Larch, you could get a few, together and go pray at the Courthouse, schools etc..

If you plan to go to Woody's Pig Roast in Waitsburg with us, Memorial Day Weekend, we will be leaving Friday 5/23 at 4:00PM from our house. We will stay in Walla Walla at a Motel. They still had rooms yesterday. 1-800-451-1139

Registration fee at the Pig Roast is $25.00ea. It includes Chili Feed, Camping, ( if you would like ) Dance, Coffee, Showers, Pig Roast dinner & lots of fun?

Don't forget Gary & Tami's Wedding Reception June 7th at Don & Patti's house 4:00PM

Patti will be making Enchiladas and the rest will be Potluck. Please come out and join us for a "Dramatic Reinactment" of the Wedding. This will be outside at the Gazebo and we need chairs and Tables, so if you can bring any, please do, and bring a dish or snack to share. 15300 N.E. 10th Ave. Salmon Creek.

Check out the Website @

Don't forget to stop out at Wendy Love's Company and see what's happening. Plenty of Ministry opportunities.


We'll see ya all Saturday

Love & Blessings

Carl & Sheila