Friday, March 7, 2008

Women's Ministry by Sheila Bevard

Well, the weather is warming up and it's time to get refreshed and ready for Ministry.
Season's of Refreshing will be next weekend ( Mar 14-15 )in Yakima and we hope some of you will try to go.
It is a time of teaching and fellowship with other CMA groups and getting refreshed to minister in the coming Season. If you plan to go, you can get the registration online. Carl & I will be going. You will need to reserve a room or take a camper. ( sometimes there are cancellations and you can get last minute rooms )
Don't forget the Regular meeting next weekend also. For you that are not going to Season's of Refreshing, Doug & Debbie will running the meeting
We need donations for our "Run for the Son" fundraiser that we do at our meeting. If you have anything to donate. Bring it to the meeting. We will also need to start collecting items for our Goody Bags that we give away at our events.
We had our "Women's night out" last month. It went well but it got a little big so we didn't get to fellowship like I had hoped. We will plan another one soon that will be on a smaller scale. If you have any ideas or would like to host one at your house, please let me know. We could do BUNKO or something fun.
We send our Love & prayers to Jerri Stanley and family for their loss of Hap last month. We can delight in knowing that he is with the Lord. I have learned a lot about Hap lately and he made an awesome contribution to the Lord's work. He spent his life serving God & man. He will be greatly missed. Hap & Jerri have been long time CMA members. Thanks to all who attended the "Celebration of life" for Hap.
Please make sure you check out the website Richard does a lot of work on it and keeps it up to date so fast it amazes me. If you have anything you would like on the website contact:
Have a great month and we'll see ya soon
Love & Blessings