Sunday, February 3, 2008

President's Thoughts

Easy Riders Bike Show was huge success. We had a good turn out of members. I think the King Ambassadors were glad we came. We received a thank you from them. The ride to Springfield for the All Christian Biker gathering was very cold and a little wet on the way home. There was a good turn out of all the Christian groups. The Gypsy Jokers came also. I wish they could have talked and expressed there views but they were not allowed to. I think we need to minister to them when ever we get a chance. Praise God.
Season of Refreshing is coming up in March at Yakima. So plan to attend. I will have dates and time at the meeting. I like going to Seasons so I can be ready for the coming ministering season. and our state Coordinator ( Ralph ) always has good words for us. You also get a chance to meet Joe Maxwell are regional Rep. and all the other CMA members from around the state.

That's about it for this month.
Your Servant,